Visual Transformations

How images can be transformed one into another and what could be the rules? These are the questions addressed in this manuscript written many years ago. Possible rules for transformation of images presented here are the results of my work on visual representation of RNA and DNA in which bases are expressed as five values of the gray scale. In addition to commonly known positive-negative relationships between the gray-scale values, here are also those that are defined by the relationships between the bases, replication and transcription.

Operation „negative“(n) is here defined for the values: Black, Dark Gray, Gray, Light Gray and White. It transforms Black into White and reverse, Dark Gray into Light Gray and reverse, while Gray is neutral to this operation (negative of Gray is Gray).

Operation „replication“(r) is defined only for four values. It transforms White(T) into Gray(A) and reverse and Light Gray(G) into Dark Gray(C) and reverse.

Operation „transcription“(t) is defined for all five values. It transforms White(T) into Gray(A), Gray(A) into Black(U), and Light Gray(G) into Dark Gray(C).  As  visual transformations these operations could be reversible.

Gregor Mobius                                                                      New York, October 2018


01 VT

02 VT

03 VT

04 VT

05 VT

06 VT

07 VT

08 VT

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