Mumps RNA

A couple of years ago Prof. David Ussery suggested I could try this my method for visually representing DNA/RNA on the Mumps RNA. Some of the results, ending with position p.192, are already published on the ArC-GEM and rest of the results, ending with position p.3072, are now presented here.

This particular visualization of Mumps RNA is based on the idea that all RNA/DNA basis    could be represented as five discrete values of the gray-scale: U=black(100%), C=dark(75%), A=gray(50%), G=light(25%) and T=white(0%), while the linear RNA structure could be converted into 2D images built of 3×4 basic matrices(fig.1). In this representation the value difference between neighboring bases is 25% and between the base-pairs it is 50%.01. Mumps1.

This paper shows how this algorithm is implemented on the first 3072 positions of the  Mumps RNA, both  as a set of individual 3×4 matrices(micro-visualization) and as one integrated image (macro-visualization). In principle there are two ways to organize (linear)stretches in 3×4 matrices(2D images). After an image of a stretch is generated with its first 12 positions, starting, let’s say, with position p.1, then there are two options for the next image. In one, the second image would start with the positions p.2, third with position p.3, fourth with p.4,.. etc. (Fig.2).

1. F

In another option the second image starts with p.13, the third with p.25, then comes p.37… etc. (Fig.3). In the first option, from positions p.1 to p.25 there are 14 images, and

1. S

this approach resembles recording with a movie camera. As if some special camera with a frame that covers 12 positions at the time and converts them in 2D images is moving through a DNA/RNA stretch, one base at the time. In another option from position p.1 to p.25 there are only two images. In this case it resembles taking a snapshot after moving 12 positions from a previous image. The first algorithm, one that resembles film strip, we will mark with F, while the second, that is a snapshot like, we will mark with S. In a way, the algorithm F could be interpreted as being time based, while S would be timeless.        A set of images generating from a stretch of DNA/RNA with algorithm S is a subset of a set generated from the same stretch with algorithm F.It is this second algorithm(S) that is implemented in the Mumps RNA stretches presented here since this way generated images can be grouped in larger images. It seems that images generated by F could be presented only as a series of successive micro states, as a film strip that could be even projected as an animated film.
A few examples of mostly binary stretches represented through algorithm F, as a film strips, are shown on the last page of the paper.

Gregor Mobius                                                                                New York, October 2018


1. Mu RNA p.1-192

1a. Mumps RNA p.1-192


2. Mu RNA p.193-384

2. Mumps RNA p.193-384


3. Mu RNA p.385-576

3. Mumps RNA p.385-576


4. Mu RNA p.577-768

4. Mumps RNA p.577-768


5. Mu RNA p. 1-768

5a Mumps RNA p.1-768


6. Mu RNA p.769-960

6a. Mumps RNA p.769-960


7. Mu RNA p.961-1152

7a. Mumps RNA p.961-1152


8. Mu-RNA p.1153-1344

8a. Mumps p.1153-1344


9. Mu RNA p.1345-1536

9a. Mumps RNA p.1345-1536


10. Mu RNA p.769-1536

10a. Mumps RNA p.769-1536


This is integrated image from position p.1 to position p. 1536

10b. Mumps RNA p.1-1536


11. Mu RNA p.1537-1728

11a. Mumps RNA p.1537-1728


12. Mu RNA p.1729-1920

12a. Mumps RNA p.1729-1920


13. Mu RNA p. 1921-2112

13. Mumps RNA p. 1921-2112



14. Mu RNA 2113-2304

14a. Mumps RNA p. 2113-2304


15. Mu RNA p.1537-2304

15a. Mumps RNA p.1537-2304


16, Mu RNA p.2305-2496



17. Mu RNA p.2497-2688

17a. p.2497


18. Mu RNA p.2689-2880

18a. p.2689


19. Mu RNA p.2881-3072

19a. p.2881


20. Mu RNA p.2305-3072

20a. p.2035-3072.


This is integrated image from position p.1537 to position p. 3072.

22. p.1537-3072.


And these are integrated images from position p.1 to position p. 3072

23. p.1-3072


At the end, a few interesting, mostly binary, stretches generated with algorithm F.

24.Mumps RNA







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